How To Get High For The First Time

Watch people experience the joy of cannabis for the first time! Comedian and veteran cannabis connoisseur Mike Glazer (BuzzFeed high guys) guides guests as they explore a new experience, discuss.

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First hit, you almost cough up a lung. You feel nothing. A couple more hits, you just start to feel it taking effect. 1, maybe 2 more depending on the weed/person and your stuck to the couch, chair bed etc. That’s what getting high for the first time feels like.

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No problem taking it alone either. In fact, I only like to be alone on recreational doses of stims because my favorite thing to do has always been fapping. Good on you for keeping the water bottle with you, since if you get high, you will probably be too hyperfocused to stop whatever you are doing to get anything.

Being self-aware of how long a high lasts and how it will affect you will allow you to responsibly use cannabis, whether you’re dabbing for the first time, discovering the wonders of live resin, or out and about at events like concerts. This awareness will even allow you to consume on your off hours without interfering with your day-to-day.

At first, the vaporizer sucked, since i was so used to the smoking high, combustion,lighter fluid, everything that comes with the smoke, the vapor was soooo wierd and it was a completely diffrent high. it took about 2-3 months for me to like the vaporizer, since

 · The duration of the high depends on many different factors: the method of consumption, the amount of weed you consumed, your tolerance to cannabis (which is definitely pretty low if you are getting high for the first time), the potency of the strain and so forth.

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